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with clear + personalized copy — so you can sell in a way that feels true and 100% you.

Brand Voice + Messaging Services

Your message isn't connecting. 


You're solving real problems.

You see it when you look under the Google Analytics hood and feel it in your gut.

Every time you direct someone to your website or email campaign, you cringe, knowing it doesn’t accurately represent all that you do.

And you’ve got (really) big ideas for your brand, your audience, and the grand plan you dream about on long car drives.

The copy on your site and in your emails? It matters now more than ever.

Because you serve humans, they want to be talked to, well, like a human. They want their problems solved, but they really want to feel seen by the brands they’re buying from. 

And generic, misaligned copy won’t cut it.

Personalize your voice, clarify your offer, and solidify your message — 

and be confident it will connect with the right audience.  

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“Here is what Corrie does: she writes in a way that makes me WANT to keep reading. In a skimming and skipping world- she keeps me engaged. I tell everyone who wants to build a brand with a compelling voice to hire Corrie, FAST.”

From our clients

Katie Quesada,
Story coach

Copywriting services for brands who know every connection counts.

Brand Strategy

Understand your brand's unique voice and nail down your messaging so everyone speaks the same language on every platform — and connects with the right people.

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Brand Voice + Messaging

(That’s you!)

Build a relationship with your audience for the long haul. 

Website Copy

Clarify your offer in your brand’s voice with research and empathy-driven copy that makes your audience click — and stay.

Write my website

Done for you + Done with you

Email Campaigns

Using my empathy-led approach, I help you welcome new leads with a drip campaign that sounds like you — so you can sell without feeling salesy. 


Done for you


“I have the clearest, most-streamlined vision of my offer, my audience needs, and how to SELL in a way that feels authentic to ME!”

From our clients

Meredith Cancilla,
CEO & Creative Director at Quixotic Design Co.

It feels like I’ve been looking through a blurry lens at my own offers for years (and didn’t even know it), and now I have the clearest, most streamlined vision of my offer, my audience needs, and how to SELL in a way that feels authentic to ME! I truly feel like my copy matches my expertise (finally) - and I truly couldn’t have done this without Corrie.

A few customer results we’re proud of:

Increase in launch email open rates

Quick numbers talk: Results aren’t guaranteed and, like all data, they are a part of a larger story. But personalized messaging? Yeah, it works. 


Sales page conversion rate


Email newsletter open rates


I’m a copywriter because I’m a reader.

I read everything: books, the room, and the nuances of your story and how it connects with your clients in a way that feels true, compelling, and 100% human. 

While the goal is copy that aligns with right-fit clients who make you love (love!) your job, the bonus outcome is the clarity you have about your messaging—and the confidence that comes with it.  It's a story I can't wait to tell. 

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How to Nail Your Home Page Copy

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In this 10-minute video, I provide 3 quick fixes you can make to your home page—with prompts and examples to follow! If your home page is more about you than your clients or customers, then stop reading and click right here:

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Capture your voice and clarify your message so you can focus on what matters most. 

Whether you’re a marketing lead or solo entrepreneur, you shouldn’t have to spin every plate by yourself. 

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