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   Check out some of the people I get to cheer on.   As a copywriter, my goal is to think with both an empathetic heart and a strategic mindset. What does your ideal client need right now? How can you best serve them? We work together to tailor a copywriting package that serves your […]

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Want to connect with the right audience? Me, too. 

Corrie is a copywriter and marketing thought partner who gets to help entrepreneurs own their voice and clarify their messaging so they connect with more of the right people.

A believer in public schools and Ted Lasso, she loves getting to champion the best version of people. 

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3 reasons your website isn’t converting and how to fix it

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In this short and sweet video, I show quick fixes you can make to your website— including examples from three small businesses. If your website makes you feel ehhhh, then stop reading and click right here:

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